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23rd March 2011

5 Top Smartphone Apps Trends of This Year

These days there is a lot of hype about Smartphones whether be it Apple iPhone or Google Android. But, the main reasons behind the popularity of these phones are actually those mobile applications that make the Smartphones function the way they do. Thes...

21st September 2010

Watch Jersey Shore Episodes

As all of us know, MTV Hat Shore Season1 was a big hit, plus the fame from the 1st calendar year or so led to generating around the 2nd. Correctly, if you've missed on any inside the satisfaction via the preliminary year or so, then ensure you capture the...

08th January 2010

Mannatech Osolean Review

Globally, people are eating more and exercising less. This trend is driving the $89 billion weight loss industry. • The U.S. owns an estimated 70% of this market, or $62.2 billion, with growth estimated at 6% per year.1,2 • Japan is the 2nd larg...

07th December 2009

Giving children the confidence to Write – A Sentence A Day

I remember many things about the first headteacher I worked for, but two pieces of advice she gave me made a lasting impact on my teaching career: firstly, teach the children to be independent and, secondly, give them opportunities to write every day. The...

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