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30th June 2011


Today’s cosmetics and skincare marketplace is touching the biggest echelons of success that few others can contest with. This industry has leeched onto the growing need for personal skincare products and has convinced the masses that beauty is rather much...

08th June 2010

Movado: Choose a Timepiece You Can Be Proud of

Getting a new promotion is a great feeling. Being recognized for an outstanding achievement is cause for celebration. Taking a risk and making it can be a life altering experience. What better way to complement these milestones than with a time-honored ex...

09th April 2010

General Election announced! ...but how will the expenses scandal affect the outcome?

Looking back many would say that the successful New Labour campaign in 1997 was in fact a hugely significant moment in British politics and society. In 2010 it would seem that we have reached another crucial point in our history, or does it? The new...

25th September 2009

Palm oil, Deforestation and Global Warming: Junk Theory

This is a true story. In a riveting and astonishing tell-all book called appropriately "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", John Perkins recounts his life story working inadvertently as an "Economic Hit Man".A bright young graduate fr...

25th March 2009

Spring in the Calendar of Nature and Soul

Below is the first segment of A Calendar of Nature and Soul, an e-book that uses the 52 weeks that spiral through the year, taking Easter and spring as a starting point. Week by week, the fabric of the soul's biography, is counter-woven with nature's ann...

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