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18th October 2010

The Rising Of Justin Bieber

In the year 2008, Justin Bieber was showcased to the world for his talent of singing. When Scooter Braun was looking for a new voice, he found Justin Bieber's videos on the youtube. Being impressed with Justin's voice he located the high-school in which B...

05th June 2009

Bob Dylan gets caught again

Have you seen the newest revelation about Bob Dylan? Surprise, he has been accused of plagiarism yet again. Many of you may remember a couple years ago when Bob Dylan was accused of ripping off a book by a Japanese author, pretty much using words from t...

06th April 2009

Bob Marley Posters with his Quotes

There are some music artists in the world that touched our heart with the power of their music. Their music has got such a power that is able to transport emotions. Such artists have always been our favorite whether they are in the world or not. Bob Marle...

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