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12th November 2011

Where to Buy Discount Makeup

It is a known fact that most online shops sell discount makeup. This is also where women can find elusive items such as crazy colours hair dye or UV body paint. Online retailers can afford to sell their items at a much lower price than local stores beca...

17th November 2010

Oil And Other Natural Remedies For Dry Hair

We have all had bad hair days, but for people with dry hair bad days can be constant. Dry hair is usually dull and often unmanageable. Things that contribute to the problem include harsh chemicals in shampoos and treatments, hair dryers, hot irons, and ...

01st September 2010

Shaving And Removal Your Facial Hair To Look More Beautiful

Men usually use aftershave creams or lotions following a good shave. As manual razors can irritate the skin, aftershave is often needed to smoothen your face after shaving. However, it isn’t really necessary to use aftershave when you’re using an electric...

01st September 2010

How Keratin Hair Treatments Can Benefit You

If you think about it carefully, your hair gets a lot of rough treatment. Aside from routine chemical usage, your hair gets battered around in the wind and scrubbed in the shower. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that your hair will become fraye...

01st September 2010

Tips To Avoid Cosmetic Surgery

With more and more women committing to cosmetic surgery these days, it is no wonder that some wish to keep their natural look but still maintain a youthful appearance. Luckily, retaining ‘natural’ beauty is easy, provided you follow these simple tips! ...

01st September 2010

Considerations When Choosing A Hair Salon

It’s almost a given that you want to look after your hair. When people look at you for the first time, your hair is the first thing people see. Your hair tells people you meet so much more about you and your nature than much of the rest of what you wear, ...

11th May 2010

List of Beauty Salons in Grimsby

List of Beauty Salons in GrimsbyIf you're a resident of Grimsby or nearby areas for instance Cleerthorpes or Immingham, and you happen to be searching for a good salon that can take care of all your natural beauty needs - then Aqua Viva Health Splendor S...

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