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21st July 2011

Bollywood News informs about new releases

One can find number of books on any statement made in Political News or Bollywood News. The only thing required to keep the ball rolling is zeal and love for books. Latest news about new book release is taken very much enthusiastically by people who are c...

09th May 2011

Start Writing With A Trip To the Book Store

Writing a book generally starts with a visit to the bookstore. You are looking for a whole bunch of very important information. Collect Titles Of Similar Books Bookstores and publishers and readers want books that are similar but different. It is a ...

06th March 2011

Before You Publish a Book, Ask Yourself 3 Critical Questions

Wondering how to publish a book? Before you decide whether to go for a traditional publisher or to self publish, ask yourself these 3 critical questions. You're writing a book (or thinking of writing one), and the biggest question on your mind is wheth...

23rd June 2010

The Book Musketeers

There is nothing more accessible then a book which is written by all and written for all. Essentially a book written for all is one which can by understood and read by people from all types of backgrounds. In order expand the number of people that can ide...

04th June 2010

The Ultimate PLR Article Collection Review

EBooks are one of the hottest sellers online. There are eBooks on just about everything but the demand does not seem to be slowing down. If anything the demand for unique quality eBooks is on the increase as people become accustomed to them. As technology...

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