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14th November 2011

Acknowledge Good will While Appreciating One's Loss with Suitable Sympathy Gifts

Kind sympathy gifts deliver both visible and emotional support to friends and family at an emotionally wrenching time. A attractive bouquet or unique wreaths of flowers are traditional methods of appreciating sympathy. Other thoughtful gifts include gourm...

13th April 2011

Current Affairs 2011: Economic and Corporate

There have been a lot of things happening in 2011. The New Year has brought along many good things and many bad things, if somebody is enjoying victory over a hard earned achievement, somebody else is crying over the death of a loved one. These current af...

15th February 2011

How to Deal with Death

Death is the end of life as we know it; the end. There are many different theories that attempt to describe what happens after a person dies; most religions have a different version of an afterlife. Christians, for example, believe that if a person lived ...

08th October 2010

God Is Not Great Chapter One, Setting the Table

This is the first in a series of chapter by chapter analyses of God is Not Great, one of my favorite books. In “Putting It Mildly,” Hitchens lays the groundwork for his core claims: one—that secular society faces an urgent fight against the forces of r...

29th October 2009

Understanding the Causes of Depression

Depression is a very complicated condition, in part because it has no singular cause. Rather, it is caused by a number of combined factors. Unfortunately, it is also a widely misunderstood disease that often carries a negative societal stigma. People may ...

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