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14th September 2011

Green Your Home with Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is an excellent way to save electricity, save money, and help the environment while satisfying your home decorating itch. People often overlook the importance of lighting their homes with fixtures that reduce the number of watts ...

10th August 2011

Summer Sets, Christmas party-Make your party memorable

Everyone knows that the party favors are always in the traditional way to thank guests for attending. This can apply to almost every party these days has one person. Christmas parties are no exception. One thing about the Christmas party favors is that th...

21st April 2011

LED Lights | The Lighting Possibilities Abound

There is no doubt about it, LED lighting is blowing up in a big way. Even the Rockefeller Center in New York is in on the artistic lighting possibilities of LEDs, showcasing an interactive art space where viewers are tracked by individual cameras as they ...

29th September 2009

Top Ten Energy Saving Guarantees

There is a lot of talk about going green, saving energy and being environmentally friendly -- reducing carbon footprints and such, but what really works? Really - what energy saving tips or ideas for going green work? Which energy conservation ideas work ...

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