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22nd February 2012

Consulting to deal with an energy situation

It may appear to many that the energy companies hold all the cards. They seem to more or less have the customer exactly where they want them, whether that be in the private or business sector, and seemingly charge what ever price they want for their gas ...

21st December 2011

Do We Really Need Nuclear Power?

Entering the twenty-first century, six billion people inhabit the earth. A number that is expected to double in a hundred and twenty years, yet only 4% of that world population lives in the Untied States. Even though the Untied States is only 4% of the po...

13th April 2011

Educating Consumers about Energy

The concept of energy deregulation has been to the advantage of both the consumer - residential owners, as well as business owners, and the energy provider themselves. The consumers have found a way to not be stuck on a carrousel ride wherein most busine...

05th July 2010

Negative Energy – Are Your Utility Bills Too High?

We've all been blindsided one time or another by a bill that's far in excess of what we expected, and often the worst offenders are those that come from energy companies. It's never an easy task to tell how much energy we've actually used, so even when fa...

30th December 2009

Power Aggregators: Helping You Get the Best Texas Energy Rates

If you conduct an online search for Texas energy provider, you will find that there are more than a hundred registered retail energy providers in the state. The high number of providers may at times cause problems for you. Confronted with a plethora of op...

27th November 2009

Scottish Power Energy Suppliers – Most Cost Effective Supplier in UK!!

In UK there are many energy providers, but Scottish Power Energy Supplier has an aggressive approach towards fulfilling the demand of supply. They offer several packages depending upon the requirement of individual users. Energy Suppliers is needed by...

15th November 2009

California Businesses Can Now Benefit From Energy Deregulation

Oak Park, CA: Much like the deregulation of long distance telephone services and resulting savings achieved as consumers choose more price competitive service providers, a similar transition is poised to occur this month but in a much larger revenue spac...

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