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15th November 2011

Camille Pissarro THE IDEALIST IMPRESSIONIST by Alexandra Anderson

After those Tanglewood concerts, culture-vulture visitors to the Berkshires typically include a day trip to the Clark Art Institute on their itinerary, where they are guaranteed a museum visit without peer. This summer, the earnest, now distinctly graying...

31st March 2011

The Difficulties of International Divorce

International divorces can be difficult. If you are going through a divorce and living in a different country to your partner there are many complexities. The Practicalities Being in different countries will make all issues around the divorce that ...

30th June 2009

Andorra Outwits G20

Working and living in an income tax free country is something a lot of people imagine could only be a dream - it would need an efficient government with politicians who didn't see every business and every citizen as a taxable opportunity. Even in the 1...

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