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12th August 2011

Best Makeup ideas to Cover Tattoos

Getting your skin tattooed is a growing trend now-a-days. We often see many people getting their arms, necks, lower vest, chest, etc. tattooed. The tattoos may give a stylish look to your personality, but there are several times when you donít want to spo...

07th June 2011

Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are very ugly, and extremely embarrassing for most men and women. For those that suffer from stretch marks, many people are focused on an easy method of getting rid of all of them. It may help to understand how stretch marks occur in the fi...

27th October 2010

Fixing A Bad Hair Colour

Everyone who has made the effort to dye their hair a different colour has probably at some point been less than thrilled with the results. What looks great on the box or in the picture, may not look so fabulous next your your own skin tone or eye colour....

09th December 2009

LipSense Lipsticks are Perfect for Long Lasting Wear

If you are tired of hearing about all the lipsticks that are supposed to stay fresh and stick to your lips rather than your glass of water, then you need a change. Today, thousands of women complain about the longevity of their lipsticks, and no matter ho...

24th November 2009

The way to Opt Mineral Makeup Lipstick and Lip Liner Then Apply It

Every woman uses lip rouge. If you would like to go all natural, you in addition have to pay for mineral makeup lip rouge as a finishing touch. To do that, you need to buy the right color of mineral makeup lip rouge that complements the natural shade o...

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