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17th February 2011

Types of Wireless Mobile Headsets Available in Market

If you spend most of your time on calls, then certainly the mobile headsets are for you. Purchasing a headset will allow you to multi-task along with providing you exceptional voice clarity and easy handling. If you are using the mobile phone calls for of...

12th October 2010

Laugh with Comedy Shows on DISH Network

Are you really bogged down with your busy life? All work and no play and you have no other option left in hand. There is no doubt of the fact that all these busy activities are done in order to earn all the heavy bucks and allowances. So day by day they a...

17th December 2009

Portion Sizes The Easy Way

Unfortunately many of us are in the custom of heaping up the plate at meal times, and if we were brought up with the notion that we must consume everything perhaps with a reminder of people less fortunate who would be thankful for everything we th...

19th August 2009

How Do Farmers Observe the Health of their Soil and What Tools do they Use? PART A

Farmers know that soil health is critical to their success. They thus learn to observe nature keenly and to use their observations for refining their farm management practices. Written records are important tools and the farmer should use them to keep tra...

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