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11th July 2011

Waterproof Makeup: The Best Summer Makeup and Makeup for Oily Skin

For women with oily skin, the task of obtaining long lasting makeup during hot, humid summer months can be quite daunting! The answer? Find waterproof makeup and oil absorbing makeup. Here is a list of the best waterproof makeup and makeup for oily skin ...

24th January 2011

Use Biodegradable Products to Make the Planet Zero Waste

As reusable and eco friendly concepts from battery operate hybrid cars to wind mills and reusable bags and products take centre stage, there is renewed interest in the segment of reusable products all over the world. Many unique green products have been l...

11th June 2010

Finest Strategies to Bring Your Head of hair Back again to Life

We enjoy the summer time, but the summer season doesn't enjoy our tresses. Protect and rejuvenate your head of hair with these professional and at-house suggestions. With each other with cozy climate ailments, appear the glowing sun, sea breezes, salty...

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