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04th April 2011

Sometimes Parents should ignore kids in our busy life

Parents today are exhausted. Between keeping house, working jobs, carting kids to appointments and activities, paying bills, feeding, clothing and bathing (the parents as well as the kids!), there is barely enough time in a day to get it all done. It ce...

17th March 2011

Masculine Men's Face Care And Anti-Aging Series - How To Ace That First Date Part 1

If you're heading for a first date, chances are you're a bit nervous. Take a deep breath. Being informed and planning ahead are the masculine man's best defenses against first date jitters. Have a Game Plan It's important to decide where to go and...

21st December 2010

The Best Toy for 5 to 8 Year Olds

Five to seven year old children are very active and imaginative. The best toy for the 5 to 7 year old is a set of gear toys. Learning Resources or Quercetti Georcello from Italy make many wonderful gear toy sets that will keep your child busy for hours ...

06th October 2010

The Event - Will this be the next Lost?

The Event is the new show by NBC. This is an really good conspiracy thriller show, where Sean Walker tries to discover what occured to his future wife Leila, because she misteriously disappeared while he was snorkelling with a recent friend he made in a c...

14th July 2010

Toy Story 3 - A Critical Movie Review

As a long time Pixar and animation fan in my late thirties and with two kids under the age of ten I was keen to go and see the latest offering from these legends of storytelling. After the movie, as I left, I reflected on the last two hours in the cinem...

04th June 2010

Cute cuddly Soft Toys

Soft toys are the most favorite toy for girls and kids. There are many different soft toys like teddy bears, monkeys, dolls, etc but the best and most liked is the teddy bear. This is the favorite of all and can be bought easily. Teddy bears in India a...

28th April 2010

Free popular children’s games

The iPhone has turned out to be one of the best ways to keep children entertained. There are a host of game applications that are educational as well as entertaining. These applications are an example of technology being put to intelligent use. Take t...

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