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18th March 2011

16 Climate Change Solutions - The Built Environment

Government could be a force for progress in finding Climate Change solutions. The problem simply has to be solved. Time is showing that there is no escape from this reality. Politics aside, the governance mechanisms need to be in the public interest, free...

07th February 2011

Aging Well

"Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter." -Satchel Paige Once we reach a certain age, this aphorism becomes common currency. People begin to see it on birthday cards, in advertisements, in the inspirational books they fin...

23rd December 2009

Do You Want To Be Free Of Acne? Try The Latest Acne Treatment Now!

It is a truism that many have used different kinds of acne treatment products for their skin but have recorded little success. Despite the fact that acne skin condition is a big problem, all hope is not lost because it is possible to treat it out rightly....

15th October 2009

Leaders vs. Managers: Adaptive Leaders Pursue Change - Old Style Managers Cling To The Past

By 06 in Politics
But in a world of chaos and ever changing conditions, Mr. Gates realizes that the ability to change and adapt is key to military success: What worked well in the past may now be an outmoded and ineffective approach. Mr. Gates is pointing out a truism t...

02nd July 2009

Using web models for effective business promotion.

Anyone who has seen the beaming face on a billboard or in the newspaper ad cannot deny the truism behind the principle that a pretty face is not only a sight worth looking at, it also do the business good as a means of promotion. But how can one turn a p...

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