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04th April 2011

Why Is Communication Important?

Why communication is considered so important? At a very basic level, it is vital to any human encounter. Communication allows us to develop a civilized society and to transmit knowledge from one generation to another. It dramatically distinguishes humans ...

21st March 2011

India—are you in a coma?

Mohan Murti, former Europe Director, CII, writes in “Is the nation in a coma?” that Europeans believe our leaders are too blinded by new wealth & deceit to comprehend that India is heading towards a dead end. Yes, Mr Murti, we are a nation in coma. We ha...

17th February 2010

Selecting the Best Business High Speed Internet Service Provider

During the last decade, many changes have taken place in the telecommunications arena, with increasing focus on the Internet, and as data and voice services continued to blend. One obvious area of change in the industry is the ever-increasing number of m...

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