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26th July 2011

Glenn Beck Books - All You Need to Know

Glenn Beck has restored faith in the Founders of our nation (restoring courage in israel tour). A copy of his pamphlet is included in the book. Glenn Beck compares that crucial time in history to the erosion of our freedoms today. His narrative is a remin...

22nd September 2010

Beach Cleanup Only Helps After an Event

The beaches along the Gulf of Mexico are beautiful places to enjoy a relaxing afternoon basking in the sun or playing in the waves that crash into the shoreline. However, the beaches can be threatened by erosion or storms or other extreme events that will...

02nd September 2009

How to choose jeans

Skinny, sparkle, wader cut, open cut, low mound, hipster, and so on are just some styles of ladies' jeans presented now in the promote. There are also distressed, washed, torn, and ripped jeans that look sexy especially when damaged by ladies. Aside from ...

13th August 2009

North Carolina Cremation and the Smaller Cremation Society

There is a prevailing idea that "smaller" funeral homes face a greater challenge to succeed and grow than larger firms. How real is this issue? Is the path to success for a larger firm easier to navigate? If size really matters, what can a smaller firm do...

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