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09th February 2011

The Tummy Tuck - what are the options?

The tummy tuck, otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, is a surgical technique used to improve the appearance of the abdomen or belly. It is not the intent of this article to describe the alternatives between abdominoplasties and liposuction, this we will ...

09th February 2011

2011 brazilian butt lifts

New Brazilian Butt LiftThe Brazilian butt lift is not a lift in the classic sense. No skin is excised and subsequently lifted. In contrast to what the identify suggests, it is a form of buttock enlargement treatment which creates a fuller and rounder butt...

14th October 2010

Cosmetic Surgery variables include the difference in cost between performing a procedure

Liposuction costs will fluctuate widely depending on the type of liposuction Cosmetic Surgery procedure to be performed and the area of the body to be treated. Liposuction cost for a single procedure on one area can cost as little as $800, but this cost ...

09th October 2009

Cosmetic Surgery for Men: the Top Procedures

Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery was primarily associated with women. Today, a significant number of cosmetic surgery patients are indeed men, and the range of procedures suited to - and being requested by - men is growing at a rapid pace. Countles...

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