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12th May 2011

Tax Settlement

Taxes are a portion of lifestyle even although no a single likes to have to pay for them. It can be quite tense when you don't have the cash you will need to spend for your taxes both. You don't want to be caught keeping away from your taxes though since ...

26th November 2010

Mailbox Bashing Victims - Musings of Revenge

With the rash of mailbox bashings in rural areas in 16 states, victims are becoming creative in their strategies for protecting their mailboxes. Some ideas are pretty humorous. Here are a few of them. One rural resident determined that it was boys from ...

23rd November 2010

Will Julius Malema become president

From Village boy to President! Sounds like a fairytale .... or is it? To most right thinking people Julius Malema is the village idiot. How can someone continually be so controversial with actions and statements that are so inflammatory and ill-considere...

22nd September 2009

Prison reform and recidivism

Our prisons are broken. Does anybody really doubt that? Two-thirds of felons return to jail within three years of release. We lock people up at a faster rate than any other developed country, and yet it doesn't result in lower crime rates than those other...

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