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10th June 2011


In the last five years, at the big New York auctions of contemporary art in May and November, Christie’s New York had the higher sales figure seven times out of ten. So it is again this week, as Christie’s evening sale of contemporary art on May 11, 2011,...

05th April 2011

How to sell your contemporary art?

You are an artist and created contemporary art to earn substantial amount of money by selling them. If you really want to sell your art to earn money as well as fame then you must have to plan to promote your paintings for sale. Here are few steps to sell...

10th February 2011

4 Fun Silent Auction Ideas For Kids

Some things you can do to make a silent auction fun for children is to organize an auction with an art theme, follow a movie night-theme for the auctioned baskets, use baskets full of games and toys for the auction, or auction different gift coupons. S...

27th August 2009


I am an ardent World of Warcraft player. After being played for several years I got some experience how to make easy gold. I would be quite frustrated initially when I tried to make gold. But after years of experience I knew how to use my expertise to ma...

13th March 2009

Phantom OF The Opera Tickets

With the opening of this wonderful Phantom in1988, its special effects, impressed the audiences with its massive crashing chandelier. The production with its modern adjustments is still doing the best even after 19 years of its existence. Costumes are mor...

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