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07th April 2011

Best free Android Apps for network professionals

Network professionals are often on call. Too often a simple thing pops up in these on-call periods that could be quickly solved with the right tools. As a result, many network professionals are lugging around a laptop "just in case". However, Android ph...

12th July 2010

Online Fax - The New Technological Invention

Fax is a short form for facsimile and it is a kind of message sent over through telephone lines. It is a great invention in communication side. Are you feeling difficulty to buy fax machines or don't have any fax machines. Don't worry online fax is a tech...

18th May 2010

How to Send Bulk SMS Messages from your PC the Easy Way

Nowadays it's not uncommon to receive SMS messages on one's cell phone from companies marketing their products or services. A telling sign that the message is from a company is the length of the number it comes from, often an extra 4 digits longer than a ...

17th March 2010

Webinar: conducting seminar the easier way

Webinar in this present time happens to be one of the best online conferencing solutions. In this mode of conferencing the audience can directly communicate with the host of the seminar, unlike in webcast. On a web server it is generally hosted by a ve...

30th December 2009

Advantages of Online Ordering System

In this world where the people don't have any time to even live, moving to the markets to buy something has gone out of window. This has given birth to the ecommerce where people are happy to follow the click and order procedure. This applies to the food ...

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