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21st March 2011

Airline Industry Finally Recognizes the Advantages of Mobile Ticketing

Since the time mobile technology was introduced, the growth in the number of users of these handhelds has increased in leaps and bounds. According to a recent report by the International Telecommunication Union, the cellular subscriptions would soon touch...

15th March 2011

Benefits Of Going Green

Hosting websites on green servers is a growing trend for many businesses. It involves hiring companies that purchase power from renewable energy sources like hydroelectric dams and windmills to run their operations. This is in contrast to conventional web...

15th March 2011

The Importance Of Going Green

Mother Nature is currently in dire straits. The continued industrialization of countries all over the world is putting an enormous strain on Earth’s ability to cope with pollution. The excessive production of greenhouse gases is a particularly large threa...

16th September 2010

Ecologically Aware Data Center Plan. Tips And Ideas

Endlessly-increasing power overheads, unpredictable weather fluctuations, new Industry policy, plus industry expansion, internal cost reductions and a demand for added power are just a few factors that make increased pressure towards a more efficient oper...

01st December 2009

Dollars, Cents, and Gigawatts: Online Tools Bind Great Power and Great Responsibility

42's Data Center Calculators illustrate the dramatic cost and carbon savings through efficiency efforts. IBM has built an extensive marketing campaign around "on-demand." Though the slogan has been more directed at their business patrons, the concept has...

15th August 2009

Green Cement Absorbing Carbon Dioxide In The Works

It seems that "Going Green" still manages to catch the attention of investors. A company in the UK that is developing a "green" cement has managed to raise around a million pounds (around US$1.7 million) to develop a special kind of cement that can actual...

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