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21st March 2011

Laser Hair Removal, Though Temporary, Is Long Lasting

Hair started to come out on the chin of this 21 year old girl. 20 years or so later, she is left with thick and dark stubble under her chin despite her diligent plucking, shaving, and waxing. Facial hair on the upper lip and chin was the problem of anothe...

01st March 2011

Helpful or Harmful? How Are Your Life Lessons and Family Money Legacies Impacting You?

Despite the best of intentions, some of the lessons our parents have taught us have ended up being more harmful than helpful as we continue our life’s journey as adults. Yesterday, I was saddened to read a newspaper article about a woman who was using...

22nd December 2010

Wicked is Your Ticket to Experience the Untold Wizard of OZ

The tale is that of the Wicked Witch before Dorothy and Toto landed in the Land of Oz. Stephen Schwartz wrote the songs and lyrics of Wicked. Winnie Holzman wrote the book. The main idea of the book comes from a novel entitled Wicked: The Life and Times o...

25th November 2010

A Undemanding Mother

Two children were born only some days and in next to no time detected Infantilism Myelatrophy by the hospital. They had to be connected with the wheelchair for all their life. The worse was her husband passed away in an calamity when the two children were...

10th March 2010

Into Child Psychology: Compensating the Needs of the Youth

It is interesting enough to work at a temporary shelter catering to less fortunate youths. The best part of it was not just by merely being part of their lives but them being part of yours. There is this certain excitement as they smile and hug and tell h...

25th November 2009

Search videos, a reason to go online

When browsing the internet most people go online for a variety of reasons, a lot of which revolve around finding entertainment and enjoyment. Games, chatting, and reading are only some of the entertainment venues people seek, but primary in this list is ...

23rd June 2009

Father’s Day Gifts: Personalized Clothing

Certain holidays have fairly common gift options, Father's Day being no exception. Considering all of the gifts available in today's marketplace, many fathers still get the same old power tool or sports memorabilia gift that they have received in years pa...

06th June 2009

Cell Phone Lookup Reconnects High School Best Friends

When best friends Sandy and Emma were still in grammar school, they pinky-swore to each other to never drift apart. Regardless of where life was going to take each of them, they intended to stay in touch and always know each other's whereabouts and contac...

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