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29th June 2009

The Funeral Rule

When a loved one dies, tons and tons of burdens come into play. Without counting emotional stresses, we also experience the stress that comes with the dozens of decisions that need to be made regarding the funeral. All of them should be made quickly under...

12th June 2009

Nokia N86 8MP Black – A mobile with latest technology

Nokia is the leading mobile brand which has left behind all the well known brands. Nokia is the largest seller of mobile phones which promises excellence in quality. Most of people who are fond of gadgets prefer Nokia and it is their choice. Nokia has...

12th June 2009

When the People Fight Back

Executive Summary - First we have a video of a soccer game, not in USA. A guy runs across the field. Ok so they should take him into custody, throw him out of stadium, bar him from returning or maybe write him a citation for this event. What the security ...

29th May 2009

Fire Damage Clean-Up

What comes to mind when you hear the words "fire damage"? Perhaps you immediately think of the irreplaceable memories in your home or perhaps your first thought is the hours of work that will be required to clean and restore your home to its previous stat...

19th May 2009

Say 'Yes' to a Mandatory Background Check for Childcare Providers

Whenever as a result of someone's negligence or oversight a child gets hurt, I lose my cool. I just can't stand it when innocent children are victimized. Let me tell you, lately I've been freaking out a lot. Take this news story from North Dakota. A b...

13th May 2009

Sony Ericsson T250 - Good Features in a Simple Phone

The Phonebook can take 300 entries, and can add 20 received dialed and missed calls. There is T9 dictionary, stopwatch and timer for all the daily work to be done. Messaging can easily be done through SMS and MMS. For connectivity it has got GPRS which i...

08th May 2009

Cell Phone Number Lookup Leads to a Rapist

What did we ever do before cell phones gave us the ability to follow their trail right to the criminals' doorstep? Now we hear on a daily basis, how one way or another, looking up the location of the cell phone owner helps solve crimes and locate perpetra...

20th March 2009

The Nokia E71 is one of the latest in Nokia's E-series of smartphones

Nokia E71 by its full QWERTY keyboard, the metal/aluminum coating and the slim design. Standard included together with the Nokia E71 are a battery charger, a headset, a pouch, a software CD and the users guide. The sleek back of the cell phone looks somew...

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