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23rd September 2009

Reasons That May Permit Alimony Support Modification

Being able to fully understand one's rights is important in exercising those rights. Many individuals are clueless as to the rights they retain while going through a divorce and after the divorce proceedings and an agreement has been made. The legal proce...

22nd September 2009

"Redemption"is key motive- Big Brother All-stars Candidates Released

CBS has announced and posted all 20 potential Big Brother Candidates. The names have been floating around chat forums, blogs, myspace, and fan sites all over the web since the announcement of the show earlier this year. The key for the most of the houseg...

17th September 2009

Princess Diana Death Official Report Lied That Driver Was Drunk

The gospel according to the official report has it that "boozehound Henri Paul" snuggled up behind the wheel of the Mercedes S280 on the night of August 31, 1997 and proceeded to drive in what can best be described as a reckless and dangerous manner (atta...

06th September 2009

Taxes, Extortion, Bullies & the Browns

It is my opinion that taxes are nothing more than extortion. The income tax is especially heinous. I see no difference between the government demanding money from me and telling me if I don't pay a band of armed men will come into my house, kidnap me and ...

11th August 2009

Ranjit Kundu: Beginning with an acid test!

Nothing has been announced officially till now but it is almost confirmed that Ranjit Kundu, the MLA from Naihati of North 24 Parganas is going to step in to the shoes of Subhas Chakraborty, whose sad demise created an irrepairable damage to the CPI-M. As...

08th May 2009

Cell Phone Lookup Helps Track Teenage Runaways

Teenagers run away all the time. They bolt from their parents' home because they feel they are treated unfairly and hate the imposition on their freedom and dignity. They may think they are grown up and ready to be on their own, but often realize they rel...

17th April 2009

Wow Enchanting Guide

Enchanting is a profession in the online role-playing game "World of Warcraft". It is the ability to allow characters to enchant, or add stats and effects to weapons and armor. Enchanting is one of the most difficult, most profitable skills in the game. A...

02nd April 2009

Free the Hostage Photos of Flight 1549

What is AIG trying to hide about the plunge of flight 1549? Earlier this year everyone was glued to their monitors/TVs watching footage of the plunge of flight 1549 into the frigid Hudson River. After the rescue, Stephen Mallon was hired by the crane c...

16th March 2009


My grade school classmate Edwin. has his Friendster shoutout like this: "Honesty does not always bring a response of love, but it is absolutely essential to it"This is very true , but how could love be expressed through honesty if we neglect our obligatio...

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