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16th September 2009

Start Your Child’s Acting Career with Acting Classes

Starting your child's acting career is not that different compared to an adult. The only difference is that as a parent, you encourage your child to attend auditions, classes and other events so an agent or someone from the entertainment industry will not...

10th September 2009


The growing number of talents in different parts of the countries has brought an increase in the number of casting agencies. These agencies have been successful enough in presenting the talents of the people living in the unexplored states and cities. The...

10th September 2009

Liven Up The Party By Hiring Clowns

Many children are excited to celebrate their birthdays because they know how fun it is to have lots of friends around to join the celebration. And the best way to make it fun-filled is by organizing a birthday party. If you have the budget, you can rent a...

07th September 2009

Join Classes to improve your skills

Getting trained or joining any classes like acting or singing classes is always beneficial if you wish to enhance your skills. No matter how well you sing or dance, taking help from any professional is always very helpful as it will augment your ability. ...

27th July 2009

Mother's Day Blessings

On MOTHER'S DAY, a day when we pay tribute to the woman who gave us life. For most of us, our mother holds a special place in our hearts for the unconditional love she has given, and the willing sacrifices she has made, in order to better our lives. ...

08th June 2009

Spiritual Elderly Gambler

At 72 years old, Robert Bowman is a real character, full of unexpected talents and abilities. His career has included such diverse jobs as sales, fast food management, x-ray technician and gambling. He is very spiritual, and often reads books on spiritual...

27th March 2009

Voice Over Gigs For Every Age, Every Stage And Every Client

Have you ever wondered which age groups are most frequently needed in voice over work? All of them! As a Voice Over Agent, Los Angeles, we specialize in supplying clients with voice over artists from every background, both genders and all ethnicities. Not...

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