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27th August 2010

Have Unfiled Tax Returns? Follow the Tax Return Checklist

If you have had luck so far that your unfiled tax returns have not caught the attention of the IRS, your luck may be about to run out. The Internal Revenue Service's rise in enforcement will mean that all unfiled tax returns will be returning to you with ...

06th August 2010

Free Tax Filing 2010 – Free State Tax Filing, Free Federal Tax Filing.

Filing online (E-Filing) through the free file program is a great alternative to preparing your taxes on paper forms that you must mail to the IRS. You avoid the long lines at the post office, the cost of postage, and the risk of your return being lost in...

19th July 2010

Cost Segregation - Tax Deductions (Tax Rule No.1: Don’t cheat the IRS)

Tax Rule No.1: Don't cheat the IRS. But that doesn't mean you should cheat yourself. Take every legal tax deduction you can. In addition to the numerous tax deductions the Internal Revenue Service allows, research indicates that most U.S. taxpayers do ...

07th May 2010

IRS Tax Notice

The IRS or Internal Revenue Service is the enforcement and tax collection agency of the Treasury Department of the USA. It goes without saying that there are harsh penalties and fines for tax evaders, even sometimes honest taxpayers find IRS Tax Notice. T...

05th May 2010

How IRS Verifications Prevent Fraud

Among the many problems that contributed to the housing market implosion of 2007-2010 was that of unsubstantiated income claims on mortgage applications. In addition to the other variables, this misreporting (sometimes innocent, sometimes fraudulent by de...

13th April 2010

Common Tax Problems a Tax Attorney Can Help You With

A famous expression says that there are only two things you can be certain of in life: death and taxes. For most people, keeping up with the latter can be a real challenge. Not all individuals are thoroughly familiar with the various tax provisions and gu...

22nd February 2010

Are You Planning to Pay Your Taxes With a Credit Card?

Are You Planning To Pay Your Taxes with a Credit Card?If you are considering paying your taxes with a credit card because you don't have the money, then think again. If you have the money but are paying because of convenience then that is okay as long as...

11th January 2010

IRS Plans to Regulate Tax Preparers

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) plans to control the U.S tax preparers from the 2011 tax season. This includes mandatory registration, competency testing and ongoing education requirements for tax preparers. Tax preparers, such as H&R Block Inc. (...

08th January 2010

IRS Pursues Tax Preparer Regulation

By CTEC in Taxes
The Internal Revenue Service wants to set new rules on income tax preparers nationwide. IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman issued a proposal on January 4, 2010 citing federal regulation will help reduce fraud, improve compliance and close the tax gap. Cali...

07th January 2010


The ITIN or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is given to people who are required to pay taxes in the United States but are not eligible for the Social Security number. It is issued by the Internal Revenue Service or IRS and is required for tax pr...

23rd December 2009

Deduct the Cost of Your Work Clothes and Uniforms from Your Income Taxes

The cost of your work clothes and uniforms may be deducted from your annual income tax bill. Not being a tax expert or an accountant I cannot say for sure that you can take this deduction. It is always best to check with your tax preparer concerning your ...

22nd December 2009

How to File Taxes Online for Free?

By frenn in Taxes
When you're wondering whether anything tax-related could be positive, we stumble upon a tax filing program of the federal government. The Free File program zeroes in on individuals whose income tax had been at less than $54,000 this past year. By the way,...

18th December 2009

Employment Tax Compliance: Reimbursed Business Expenses Investigated

In November 2009, the IRS began a new National Research Program Initiative (the Initiative): an industry wide detailed random audit of employment taxes for 6,000 employers during the course of the next three years. The purpose of the Initiative is dual f...

30th November 2009

IRS Bank Levy Release- Know the Ways to Get Your Money Back

IRS levies your bank account when you fail to pay your tax on time. According to the US Code, if any person neglects or refuses to pay the due tax within 10 days after notice and demand, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under the United States Federal L...

26th November 2009

Payroll Tax--Ways to keep away from

Some small trade proprietor can tell you about the payroll tax nightmare. The majority of the time, any expenses that are linked to your business can be added as an assumption on your taxes. A number of financial set back remains a business owner from bei...

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