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11th May 2009

Cut Back on the Number of Senate Confirmation Sought

President Obama is still fortunate he has gained several Senate confirmations to his appointees in just a matter of two months. Unlike Bill Clinton and George Bush which took 10 months or so before they have finally completed their roll of nominees to be ...

04th May 2009

Social media needs to move from promise, talk to rigor and action soon

Social media is the in thing nowadays. There is not a single day that passes without a story on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or the stars of the social media space making it to the airwaves or the ink. The success of Obama and our very own Pink Ch...

28th April 2009

The Critic’s Favorite – The Wire

TV shows on the underworld mafia are always a favorite. The critically acclaimed series, HBO's 'The Wire' is a famous show based on drug dealings in Baltimore. The show specializes in depicting story line in a very intricate and gripping manner. The c...

15th April 2009

One Day, Reverse Phone Lookups Will Help Unite the World

The world is changing: I can just see how quickly we are moving toward a global economy, becoming one big planet full of all kinds of people, with no physical boundaries. Imagine: (I am beginning to sound a bit like John Lennon here, but still) we could a...

25th March 2009

A Glimpse at Mobile Marketing

If you ask people on the street what objects they cannot live without, majority will answer mobile phones or PDAs. In fact, even children and teenagers cannot spend a day without these gadgets and devises. Thus, if you are an advertiser, you should consid...

12th March 2009

A Lesson From Bobby Jindal

Given his reputation within the party, it wasn't surprising to see Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal selected to give the Republican response to President Obama's first appearance before a joint session of Congress. What was surprising was Jindal's deliver...

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