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16th September 2009

Tale of 2 Journalists; Roxana Saberi and Sam Dodson

I have recently written separate commentaries on two jailed journalists. One, Roxana Saberi, has received a great deal of attention from the mainstream media and her case has been widely reported on and disseminated across the globe. The other case is tha...

15th September 2009

List of U.S Newspapers

There are more than a hundred newspapers circulating in the United States of America and it is not quite feasible to discuss each one of them. In this regard, we would like to discuss the top five newspapers in the long list of U.S. newspapers in circulat...

15th August 2009

Importance of Prepaid Phone Cards in Evolving of Today's Communication

It's arduous to imagine modern world of telecommunications without phone cards. During the 1970-s international calling card were developed in some states, also in United States of America. After 1970, phone cards were utilized in many states around the ...

24th July 2009

The Barack Obama Con Job Continues

(July 17, 2009) Supporters of Barack Obama's current national healthcare initiative are being taken in by a new self-serving con. "Health care for everyone" is health care for no one. With the number of already-overloaded hospitals remaining roughly t...

23rd July 2009

Celebrity Home is at Our Reach with Smart Vacuum Cleaners

For everything we use or eat we always follow the icons in the Hollywood town. There would be hardly any individual who might not follow the steps of his/her celebrity. Housewives often like to peep into the standard of living of their respective heroes a...

23rd June 2009

California political campaigns

One cannot deny the fact that political campaigns do leave an impact on the election results. In fact, in majority of the cases, the political campaigns actually decide the fate of different parties. No matter what the political parties say to highlight t...

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