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03rd August 2009

Automated Attendant - Small Office Telephone System

Automated attendant integrated in a small office telephone system promptly and capably handles all incoming calls in an office. It automatically connects all calls coming to your office to the right extension, without the intervention of a live reception...

24th July 2009

Nokia E51 Mobile Phone – One of the Best E Series Phone

Nokia phones are the giant of all other mobile brands. Phones offered are more reliable and popular by their uniqueness either in designing or by productivity. The Nokia N series mobile phones range is an iconic example of the fastest growing product cate...

17th July 2009

Ray Mobiles

Ray mobiles are getting popular among all the segments of users. You can find Ray mobiles in all categories like Ray M20 at entry level, M31 for the mid-segment and in the high-end range, Ray T65 and T60 fit snugly. Ray mobiles can fit in all categories w...

11th June 2009

The best of all: Blackberry 9000 Bold

Apart from its stylish features and looks what make it really best in the market today is its capabilities to serve as a business phone. Blackberry 9000 Bold is definitely designed keeping the requirements of business executives in mind. The various featu...

11th June 2009

Blackberry 9000 Bold: This one is really bold

This one is indeed a business phone tailored to suit those who are mostly on move owing to their respective work. What makes Blackberry 9000 Bold so encouraging is its smart looks apart from the outstanding features. It suits the personality of any busine...

11th June 2009

Blackberry 8220 Pearl: Tailored for Perfectionalists

Blackberry is indeed making its presence felt strongly in the market and this time it has actually captured the market with Blackberry 8220 Pearl, which is not only a perfect handset as far as the features are concerned but is quite in demand owing to its...

27th April 2009

Latest Micromax Mobile Phones

Latest micromax mobile phones are in high demands are - Micromax X800 Mobile Phone The Micromax X800 seems to be winning at every front. Not only does it have an excellent camera and music player, it also has good connectivity through Bluetooth and GP...

15th April 2009

How to compare & find best business Telecommunication Deals in Australia

Communication is one cornerstone of today's society. Without technology to facilitate communication, people are at a loss for how they connect with others. Business is significantly crippled without communication technologies, while families also get to...

08th April 2009

The Stylish User-friendly Blackberry 9000 Bold

When thinking of buying a new Blackberry to upgrade your handset, then the Blackberry 9000 Bold is your most logical choice. It is packed with many features for business applications like opening and editing text files, spreadsheets, PowerPoint and PDF fi...

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