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13th May 2009

The King of Hair Extensions Sydney

Hair Extensions Expert Why is Joseph Mourad known as the king of hair extensions in Sydney and why do people travel across the planet to have him thicken and lengthen their hair? Joseph says the reason people call me the king of extensions is because...

09th April 2009

Factor that determine your hairstyle

Any hairstyle would become ideal for you when that haircut makes you happy and content and confident each time you look at yourself in the mirror. A perfect hairstyle can change your outer appearance and can make you feel fresh and new. Sticking to a same...

11th March 2009

Hair styles for round faces

Face shape is the deciding factor to choose a new hairstyle. People often follow the latest hairstyle without thinking whether that would look good or not. Face shape differs from person to person and there's a particular hairstyle that would do wonders f...

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