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17th December 2009

Tips - To Take Good Care of Your Hair

All of you love to have gorgeous hair, soft and shiny! But, do you know what needs to be done to improve the texture of your mane and add shine and luster to it? Remember, you need to keep your follicles well moisturized. Especially, dry mane must be cond...

22nd November 2009

Hair Style Advice for Weak Hair

By Luke in Beauty
The right hairstyle advice for weak hair can make a significant difference in your ability to grow long hair while offers great looks in the process. Getting a great haircut is a perfect start, along with regular visits to the salon. However, there is muc...

16th November 2009

Budget Friendly Tips For Hair Care – Try It At Home!

Did you always think that healthy hair needs a lot of expenses and frequent visit to beauty parlours? Not really, simple hair care at home can help you attain healthy and shining hair. Keep chemical treatments to a minimum to prevent damages to them. Take...

30th October 2009

Men Shaving Tips & Tricks

Shaving does have its advantages though. Face shaving is an invasive activity. Applying a sharp metal blade to your face cuts hairs. Using your shaving brush, lather the face in a circular motion. This ensures that you lubricate the skin and get under the...

08th July 2009

Laser Hair Removal Melbourne

Many people today worry about their appearance and quite a few have too much body hair which can be quite embarrassing for some. There are treatments available and they can be very effective.There are many clinics which specialise in laser hair removal. M...

09th April 2009

Grow healthy long hair

It is a dream for many to grow long, beautiful and healthy hair and fortunately it is not an extremely difficult process at all. It does not involve the expensive hair products traded by salons, expensive vitamins, or any sort of surrender to get the same...

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