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17th June 2009

Hair and Hairdressers

In the eyes of a Manchester Hairdresser, hair is the be all and end all. Hair growth is a major issue particularly with the male generation. What is so wrong with hair loss? And why do so many men feel inadequate without it? In order to answer these quest...

09th April 2009

Grow healthy long hair

It is a dream for many to grow long, beautiful and healthy hair and fortunately it is not an extremely difficult process at all. It does not involve the expensive hair products traded by salons, expensive vitamins, or any sort of surrender to get the same...

25th March 2009

Let those curly locks look amazing with Nexxus and Deva Curl products

Curling irons are good; however, they must not be used very often. They can cause thermal abuse, which will then produce brittle, dry, and unmanageable curly hair. They may even lose their essential nutrients and can damage your scalp. If you're looking f...

21st March 2009

Actually Curl/wave Thick Straight Hair

How to actually curl/wave thick straight hair by using gel or mousse without involve using curling irons? I hope this step by step tip could be useful for you: 1. Shampoo hair w/product for hair type, texture & condition 2. Rinse & apply rinse out co...

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