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21st December 2009

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-A New Life for a Special Family

I was watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night on ABC as Ty Pennington helped to create a new life for a special, well-deserved family. The family consisted of the mother and father and two children. The father was a firefighter who was involved...

14th December 2009

How to Choose a Daycare for Your Child

A large percentage of households in the United States have dual income earners, meaning both mother and father work for a living. As a result, daycare is a necessity for many families. But trusting the care of your son or daughter to a complete stranger c...

09th December 2009

Counseling Children of Divorce

Counseling children of divorce can be heart rending. But those of us in the field may forget how perceptive children are, how closely attuned to mom and dad's relationship they are. I can remember as a little boy of five or six how sad I was when my...

09th December 2009

To Know More about Father's day

Father'sday is celebrated to honors fathers across the world. People should know that father'sday is celebrated on every third sunday in the month of june. Historically father'sday started in the twentieth century by people to complement father for fathe...

26th November 2009

My Purple Pants Autobiography of Samantha Jackel

The abuse began early in Samantha's life.She was raised in a country town, the fourth child to alcoholic parents. Being the youngest in her family meant that she was the most vulnerable to sexual, physical and emotional attacks from both her mother, fathe...

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