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08th November 2012

iPad Mini one of the best tablet from apple

Mini IPad: hardware Mini IPad game A5 processor first iPad 2. because it has been awhile since they left A5, we believe that it was some minor changes in the chipset, but recent analysis of photo shows otherwise. Geekbench advises that mini iPad (th...

11th July 2012

New Samsung Galaxy S3 with tons of new features Includes

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest version of Android, a whopping 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen. Samsung Galaxy S3 is the follow up phone after widely popular Samsung Galaxy S2 The Galaxy S3 is an Android 4.0 phone with a huge 4.8in AMOLED screen with a ...

15th June 2011

Toshiba Satellite L765 thorough review

You can say that the Toshiba Satellite L765 is a desktop produced moveable. For the ability it has is similar to a desktop but its surprisingly light-weight construct is a treat for individuals who like to provide their laptops to operate or anyplace else...

13th June 2011

HP Touchpad Assessment

HP last but not least started to examine the tablet marketplace. At the occasion held in San Francisco, HP reveals their tablet referred to as the HP touchpad. The presence of these items ever more fierce levels of competition in the planet confirms the t...

23rd May 2011

Review Samsung RF711-S02DE Notebook

Multimedian. (HP Compaq CQ42 Battery ) Samsung introduces the Sandy Bridge processors to the RF range and supplies a proper multimedia laptop that is even suitable for gaming in the RF711. Why this laptop wastes a part of its theoretical maximum performan...

17th November 2009

The Platforms of 3G

3G, just like other types of technology, also comes in various kinds and platforms. Depending on the model, the speed, capacity and overall feature will also differ. Customers will have to pay more for very advanced designs, complete with the important fu...

18th August 2009

The Acer M900 Tempo offers something different

Acer has accomplished quite a feat of technological engineering within the Acer M900 Tempo. Apart from the numerous functions and features encased within a superbly stylish and appealing case, is the fact that this handset offers fingerprint recognition. ...

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