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18th February 2011

Las Vegas Local community

las vegas citynewsConsidering about shifting to Las Vegas? Las Vegas is positioned in Clark County and has a population of roughly 445,000 citizens, that's just in the Clark county location, we didn't even mention the close by counties (which are as tiny ...

08th April 2010

Going Totally Green on Your Energy Supply

These days, between rising oils costs and concerns about Global Warming, the so-called green energy sources are gaining in popularity. Many people want to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and also reduce their carbon footprint. Depending on what your...

07th April 2009

Summer Movie Treat - 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'

'Revenge is coming' and looks like it's gonna get bigger and nastier this time. Sam Witwicky was the man who fought the dreadful 'Decepticons' with the help of his loyal 'Autobots' in the movie Transformers. Optimus Prime led Autobots kick some ass of...

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