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31st May 2011

Tips For Selecting An Active Adult Retirement Community

Retirement is a time you can look forward to with pleasure. You can finally indulge in your hobbies, now that your responsibilities are fulfilled. Your children are likely to be settled, and you would have achieved milestones at work. The sacrifices you m...

21st April 2011

Those Ready To Do Something About Their Hair Loss Need To Weigh Viable Hair Replacement Options

Those dealing with hair loss have much to think about. For many, doing nothing about the hair loss can lead to a life of lackluster confidence, and as a result, lost opportunities and a lost zest for life. Undoubtedly, regaining confidence is a priority f...

08th March 2011

Nose job for Big Brotherís Amy Alexander

Some individuals have had a complex about their nose for as long as they can remember. Others may have been in a minor accident as a child breaking their nose in the process and not realising until their later years. Nose reshaping is one of the most impa...

04th February 2011

Over 50's Grandparents Back With A Bang

Yippee folks! What a time to be over 50. Suddenly we are not rejects but recognised for what we always knew we were in the first place; active, fun loving adventurous grandparent types with enough cash to buy all the latest computerised gizmos and holi...

10th November 2010

Getting Back Your Hair With the Help of Hair Transplant Doctors

Have you ever been embarrassed by your receding hair line? If you have, then donít fret; you are not alone. Men and women around the country and the world have the same problem as you. Hair loss and baldness are big issues with the ageing population, and ...

01st May 2009

The 5 W's of Meditation-Part III: When is the best time to meditate?

The 5 W's of Meditation- Part III Helene Finizio, M.A.P.P. When is the Best Time to Meditate? Any time that you have available to you within which you are moved to meditate is always the best time! Oftentimes, people pigeon hold themselves into ...

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