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10th June 2010

Rahul Gandhi speaks to Press in Bhuwaneshwar, Orissa ( INDIA ) 12 March 08

Well, as I said earlier, there's a big disconnect in Orissa, particularly amongst certain regions. So certain regions are left on their own in a sense. There is also a disconnect amongst certain communities, so certain communities are left on their own; t...

25th September 2009

How Discovering the Great Movie Idea for Your Next Screenplay!

I am lucky. I have no problems coming up with very good ideas for movies. If I never had another idea for the rest of my life, I would not make a sizable dent in the ones I already have. Screenwriters who struggle with coming up with an idea tend to be vi...

27th April 2009

Great Operas of Verdi

When I was in college I was one of the few lucky students who was invited to participate a special music class whose main concern was to introduce students (who were not studying in the Conservatory) to the wonderful history of music. Apparently, I...

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