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20th June 2011

Portable Speaker Sound Comparison

Over the past year, the question that has been ringing in our ear has been, “How LOUD are these speakers?” Fortunately there is a metric of sound called the decibel by which we can conduct this controlled experiment. Naturally, most humans are not blesse...

15th June 2010

Martin Yale 2000 Cross Cut Shredder Review

One choice among many deskside shredders is the dependable Martin Yale 2000 Cross Cut Shredder. Small dimensions on this device offer easy storage without compromising quality. The cross cutting blades dice up paperwork and other media into small pa...

10th December 2009

Four Things That Make the Dahle 30104 Paper Shredder Stand Out

Are you looking for a powerful paper shredder that can give your peace of mind and make you more productive? If so, you are reading the right article because the Dahle 30104 personal-sized paper shredder is a machine that is not only easy to use, it can h...

07th December 2009

Five Fantastic Features of the Dahle 20304 Small-Office Shredder

Are you searching for the right paper shredder for use by your employees? If so, the Dahle 20304 small-office shredder is one machine you should consider. This unit is a high-quality machine that can be used to shred just about any document that needs to ...

09th April 2009

Grow healthy long hair

It is a dream for many to grow long, beautiful and healthy hair and fortunately it is not an extremely difficult process at all. It does not involve the expensive hair products traded by salons, expensive vitamins, or any sort of surrender to get the same...

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