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28th June 2011

3 Day Detox Diet Plan

A weight loss program must be your normal everyday strategy for eating that turns into a regular portion of your life. There are sometimes however when you need to purify your body quickly and lose some fat really quick. On those rare events, you should c...

21st March 2011

The best anti aging products are already on the market range

Immortality was a fascinating people, as always. It may be your childhood memories are deluged with stories told saga of immortality. History is also flooded with examples of when the king tried to somehow verify their age. Is there any fruit that might s...

23rd February 2010

Obesity - Fat Fighter Diet For You!

Obesity, the first thing that comes into your mind is the tummy. People often develop bad paunch due to accumulated fat and lack of exercise. Fat rich food is a major culprit here. Avoid chips, burger, pizzas and other food which contains lot of butter an...

08th January 2010

Easy Ways To Remove Your Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is the best part of every woman's life; it makes a women complete. But pregnancy is also accompanied by stretch marks, which is something that women hate to have. Stretch marks are actually horrible. Not only are these marks physically unattract...

16th December 2009

Atkins grapefruit diet

Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins (17.10.1930-17.04.2003) was an American physician and cardiologist Atkins grapefruit diet is said to be a combination between the Mayo diet and the Atkinson Nutritional Approach. Additional serving of grape fruit or grape fru...

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