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26th May 2011

A good deed

I took the bus to work almost every day, except on rare occurrences like if there was lot of snow on the ground and the city transportation stopped functioning, or if I had to go somewhere else that morning that perhaps the subway would get me to faster...

22nd September 2010

The fight against ageing and attempts to look younger – The never ending story

Ageing is the kind of stalker that is going to get you sooner or later. The fight against ageing and attempts to look younger are a never ending quest for most women. Yes, 'most' because not all women want to look younger than they actually are. For some,...

18th February 2010

P2P Movies – The great technology movies:

Often people are hearing this term when they are downloading movies. What p2p exactly stands for? It means peer-to-peer movies. Since they are using high end p2p technology for downloading movies the movies itself called as p2p movies. In this technology ...

10th September 2009

Elvis Presley biography: Elvis Presley Death

If there is one person on the planet who hasn't heard something or other about the death of Elvis Presley, I would be inclined to ask what planet they came from. It doesn't matter whether you were born well after The King died, or whether you were one ...

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