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14th February 2011

Seafood Paella is a Quick Easy Dinner Made in One Pan

What is a quick easy dinner I can make in one pan? is a question most often asked of me. While I know the expected answer is a recipe, they’d be asking the wrong person for a recipe. I’ve been urging people to “Burn Your Recipes” through my online cooki...

13th December 2010

Start Your Diet by Steaming Food

When you decide that you want to eat healthy there are several different factors that you will need to consider. Although it is advised to give up foods which are bad for you this is not always possible. To help you to enjoy the foods that you love you co...

24th November 2009

Learn the Best Way to Cook a Steak and Get Commended

Overview Many would say that to learn the best way to cook a steak is like learning how to do art and that there is no way that one can get it on the first try. Although just like with everything else that requires practice to reach perfection, the bes...

20th November 2009

Learn French Cooking

The best chefs in the world are considered to be French as they look upon creating food as an art and aim to provide nothing less than a masterpiece that should come out of their kitchen doors. Thus, French chefs, famed for creating gastronomical delights...

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