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24th May 2011

Afghanistan News: Reflection of Terrorism And Crime

People who love news about external affairs of their country can never miss Afghanistan news. It is one country that was known as the residing place of world’s most wanted terrorist. American anxiety over this criminal is well known. Special news over thi...

07th February 2011

Is Middlesbrough Really the Worst Place in Britain?

Middlesbrough has often been cited as the worst place to live in the UK. But is that really true? Understanding which of the UK’s towns or cities is the worst to live in can be quite subjective. Generally speaking, most surveys take into account qualit...

09th July 2010

Keeping in touch

It is a relatively common occurrence for members of a family to emigrate to another country. There are many reasons for this such as a better standard of living, a healthier climate for children to grow up in and in some cases, lower crime rates. However,...

22nd September 2009

Prison reform and recidivism

Our prisons are broken. Does anybody really doubt that? Two-thirds of felons return to jail within three years of release. We lock people up at a faster rate than any other developed country, and yet it doesn't result in lower crime rates than those other...

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