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26th September 2011

An Environmental Theme - The Nokia E7 in Green likewise as the Nokia E7 in Blue

At present, environmental abilities are as desired as being the significant capabilities of cell phones. Individuals are now a lot much more aware of conservation complications and problems that result the surroundings. At 1st glance in the E7, you could ...

03rd June 2011

Energy Performance in Households

Developing energy efficient households and enhancing energy performance in our households can enhance their value.Over the past few decades, there has been a ground swell of Green constructing curiosity by residence consumers and builders. In response to ...

25th February 2011

Government Incentives forEnergy Efficient & Renewable Energy Upgrades

If you’ve paid attention to the news surrounding government programs designed to motivate the implementation of energy efficient and renewable energy upgrades, you’re probably more than a little bit fatigued – and possibly a little confused. Let’s clear ...

24th February 2011

Green Deal Scheme – Overview of the Initiative

The Green Deal is a pilot scheme to be introduced by the Government in 2012. Under this scheme domestic and commercial consumers will be able to get access to finance to undertake energy efficiency improvement measures to the properties. What is the pro...

08th December 2010

Commercial EPC

These days many more of us are aware of what we do and the effects that this can have on the environment. This means that we are recycling more and remembering to switch off lights when we leave a room. These are all great changes and every step however s...

25th October 2010

Selecting The Right Windows for Energy Efficiency

Selecting The Right Windows for Energy Efficiency New window technologies have increased energy benefits and comfort, and have provided more practical options for consumers. This selection guide will help homeowners, architects, and builders take advan...

24th May 2010

The Coalition And The Property Industry

The newly formed government has published a coalition agreement, setting out what has been agreed between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on the issues they needed to resolve to enable them to work together. This will be followed by a final Coa...

05th May 2010

Fuel Prices on the Rise

Fuel prices are on the rise, and all potential political parties pledge to reduce carbon emissions. These factors will start to affect just how we live. Installing renewable technology in our homes will increasingly become more of a necessity. There are p...

06th January 2010

HIPs To Tackle Climate Change

HIPs (Home Information Packs) have been in existence now for over 18 months and from 6 April 2009 all properties are being sold need to have one by law. All Home Information Packs must contain an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC which is created us...

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