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28th June 2011

Telecommunications Expense Management Saves on Telecommunication Expense

The world communicates through innovative technology products. Communication includes the sending and receiving of a lot of data. This includes any topic one could think of where data is sent. Companies charge for each of these services by invoicing cl...

02nd October 2010

Southern California Tax Consultants Can Help Your Company Succeed

Tax planning plays a crucial role in how well your California-based corporation does in terms of finances. By utilizing the services of Southern California CPA Firms, you can plan ahead for tax season, taking advantage of best practices for your company'...

05th May 2010

The ABC of Energy Management and Conservation

Ancient wisdom has always purported that all life and matter on earth is made of energy - be it in the form of heat, light, water or air. With the global political and social attention slowly turning to serious environmental issues such as global warming ...

15th January 2010

The business of fun

In the modern world everything is commercialized. Business houses have cropped up offering everything from basic essential items to fun related items. People have devised ways to have fun. All kinds of art forms and various cultural activities are mea...

15th June 2009

Entertainment Adds Spices of Joy and Pleasure to Social Ceremonies and Parties

Entertainment has become synonymous with social ceremonies and corporate events. Parties without rational or irrational entertainment remain as dull as dodo. What keeps a party in full swing and sways the mood of the attendees is an entertaining medium th...

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