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18th February 2010

In Vitro Fertilisation - Summary Of Frug Regimes - Part II

Drug regime model III This drug regime also lasts for one cycle only and involves a shorter course of LHRH agonist. It may be used for women for whom the more conventional regimes have not been so effective. LHRH agonist Start on day one of the cycle...

18th February 2010

Pregnancy – In Vitro Fertilisation - Scans And Blood Tests – Part III

If the pattern of your blood tests and scans seems to indicate that there are not enough eggs, or they are not mature, then your drug dosage may be increased, or you may have to continue with the injections for longer. Most clinics have criteria for proce...

18th February 2010

In Vitro Fertilisation - Preliminary Tests – Part I

Before you even set foot inside an in vitro fertilisation clinic, it is likely that you will have undertaken a number of basic infertility tests to try to establish the cause of your problems. Indeed some clinics will demand this. Some may want to repeat ...

18th February 2010

Understanding The Meaning Of Support Groups – Part II

The "helpful members" network of Issue, the National Fertility Association, is dealing with the kind of questions that you might not be able to ask a doctor, like whether a certain procedure hurts. Then it has a network of telephone contacts who will take...

18th February 2010

Understanding The Meaning Of Support Groups – Part I

Many clinics have patient support groups that can and will most likely offer infor¬mations advice and the chance to meet other people going through similar experiences. At their most basic these groups are run by an infertility nurse and simply involve a...

18th February 2010

The Role Of The Counsellor – Part II

People's feelings on this subject are very mixed. Most turn down the offer of independent counselling, sometimes because they misunderstand its role, or fear the stigma attached to it, that it is a sign they are mentally ill or disturbed. Some worry that ...

18th February 2010

The Role Of The Counsellor – Part I

By law all clinics have to offer counselling and access to an independent counsellor. That said, the term counselling is used very loosely. It can cover anything from a brief chat with a doctor or nurse, to a course with a highly trained specialist costin...

16th February 2010

4 Random Pregnancy Fertility Problems

Hormonal imbalances The hormonal balance that controls both the woman's and the man's reproductive systems is extremely delicate, and any imbalance can prevent the couple conceiving. Problems with the womb or abdomen Difficulties with the womb can ma...

15th January 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe - All You Need to Know For This Recipe to Become Very Easy

Last Thanksgiving Day I have tried this thanksgiving turkey recipe. It was a the first time as I got tired to always let someone else doing all the work and thus getting all the pleasures out of this beautiful day which is Thanksgiving Day. This thank...

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