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24th April 2013

Corruption: Where does it start?

Corruption is a vice that robs the society of its moral precepts and veracity. It starts innocuously but with an evil teeth that cuts deep into the minds of those who take it as a way of life. It is operationally defined as abuse of power that is entruste...

03rd May 2011

Why I Like My Business Phone Service Provider?

Do you like your business phone service provider now? Or you have experienced a lot of problems and inefficiency from your business phone service provider? Well, we have a lot of reasons to tell if we are to talk about phone providers. This is very import...

17th December 2010

Filing Your Income Taxes How To Identify The Right Time

If you're looking to blame a particular political party, Presidents Roosevelt and Taft were both Republicans. Of course, the Democrats haven't exactly made much of an effort to repeal the tax, so both parties deserve a whack upside the head in my opinion....

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