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07th November 2011

Photos To Paintings Bring Life To Home Decor

Many people execute numerous techniques so as to improve the interior decoration of their homes. Frequently these people purchase new stuffs which might possibly pull in a fresh appeal into a particular part of the property just like light fixtures, home ...

24th October 2011

Corporate Art Tapestries

It is a mark of the instances that this form of conspicuous art ownership is migrating to the west, with lots of metropolis of London offices staying embellished with company owned artwork value several hundreds of countless numbers of kilos. Prime execut...

15th February 2011

Traditional Canvas Artists: A Slice of Real Art

Traditional canvas art is considered to be the only form of real art by many of the more conservative experts that are out there today. Although traditional art is starting to take a major back seat to modern canvas artists, with a particular emphasis on ...

06th July 2010

5 Compositions of Great Utah Photography

Produce a photographer who doesn't follow certain photography principles and I give you a photographer who doesn't have in mind the real art and magic of photography. Use want you to capture some really quality images and produce amazing photos, he should...

29th June 2010

The intellectuality of Art of Painting

Defining the art of painting is an appealing debate. What prepared Vincent Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso the artists that they are? Was it the real art, or the defining epoch in which they lived? Was it an intellectual thought embedded in the entire artist? W...

05th March 2010

I Don't Think You Know What Makes the Best Tattoo Designs

Typically, the best tattoo designs are not really something you pick and choose off of a shelf or wall. The public will not see it in a book, or at some random parlor that you looked up in the Yellow pages. No. The perfect design you can get is one tha...

08th February 2010

Digital canvas prints: Return to materiality of photography at the digital age

With the accession of Internet, photos have developed in a new form of language, and mash-ups a new expression of emotions and reflexions. Today nearly everyone is taking pictures, exchanging them, re-using and recycling photos and videos from others. In ...

14th December 2009

Kalpvriksh - The Wish Tree - Yours Dreams Are Just a Touch Away – Rajiv Jain Cinematographer

Kalpvriksh - The Wish Tree - Yours Dreams Are Just a Touch Away – Rajiv Jain CinematographerTwo-time Winner Indian Cinematographer Rajiv Jain ICS WICA Creates Special World of Light, Shadows in his recent film Kalpvriksh the Wish Tree Yours Dreams A...

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