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16th August 2011

Belly Dancing Skirt, Not the Only Option of Belly Dance Costume

Like yoga, belly dancing has become a famous and fashion way to exercise physical in people’s daily life. Along with the prosperity and popularity of belly dancing, the belly dancing skirt sets off another special business line, which opens a big demand i...

03rd June 2010

Has Lady Gaga brought back Dance Music to the Top 40?

People in general seem to forget that Lady Gaga has surpassed being a "pop icon". She is an original singer who has an amazing vocal and infectious beats. She keeps getting her new music out there and keeps promoting it, she's always got something going o...

30th June 2009

Some Tips To Learn How To Dance Easily

Dancing is fun. Everybody should learn how to dance. If nothing else, what happens if you have a daughter and she gets married and expects you, as her father, to dance with her at her wedding? Won't you look like a fool if you don't know your two step fro...

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