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19th December 2011

Do You Have These Questions about Florida Uncontested Divorce?

Facing a divorce? If you want to get divorced quickly, easily, and without any unnecessary drama, your best bet is to try to seek a Florida uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces are quite common, and they’re the most affordable option for couples gett...

21st March 2011

Choosing the Easy Way Out in Divorce: Assets Assignment by Mutual Agreement

Divorce is a very difficult thing to endure, but it can be easier if the couple takes certain steps to help them through the process. Unfortunately this doesn’t often happen because there is usually only one party that wants the divorce in the first place...

14th October 2010

Book Review: “Fire in the Blood” by Irène Némirovsky

Apart from the book’s fictional story, the factual one – how the book came to be discovered and published sixty years after it was written – is fascinating. The author, Irène Némirovsky was born in Kiev in 1903 to a wealthy Jewish banking family. She and ...

12th August 2010

2012 Election Will Depend on the State of the Economy

To many Americans it seems like only yesterday that they went to the ballot box to cast their vote in arguably the most historic presidential elections of all time. The current Administration's term is not even halfway over yet. Nevertheless, a great deal...

16th July 2010

Events and DJ Hire

Events such as weddings and parties need a professional to guide them through to the end. A professional dj is trained to do this and provide subtle leadership that ensures the event is a success. Hiring a professional wedding dj through a booking agent ...

01st March 2010

Things to Ask a Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles

Every divorce is unique as circumstances differ from one family issue to the next. Add to that the different laws in each state and you get the picture that it's not as easy as filing for it and waiting for the final resolution in a few days. A good di...

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