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09th March 2011

Holy - the festival of colors and how to celebrate it with gifts

The festival of colors and gifts go hand in hand as every Indian festival finds completion in gifts exchanging. This gifting tradition is sacrosanctly followed by one and all. Not only in India, even the Indians living abroad also celebrate this festival ...

23rd November 2010

Islamic Art - Aesthetically Appealing and Inspiring

Can't find the perfect gift for the perfect occasion? Want to gift someone a gift which is unique, original and artistic yet affordable? Well look no further. Islamic Art is the solution you are looking for. Islamic Art has been in the market longer than ...

16th November 2010

Islamic Art for Sale

Looking for the perfect gift for the perfect occasion? Looking for original art work to gift to someone? Looking to ensure that your gift does not offend the receiver from the point of view of Islamic considerations where art is concerned? Well what are y...

09th July 2010

The Solar Eclipse on Sunday July 11 Will Open another Window to Global Awakening

We had a Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago and we will have a Solar Eclipse on Sunday July 11 this week. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn was an invitation to renew our inner world of emotions through clarity of purpose, the willingness to feel our feelings, the ...

04th May 2010

Painting – An Authentic Gift Option

April 15th…… seems like a familiar date. Are you forgetting something? Oh yes… it is your anniversary. Now the biggest confusion………what should you buy that is distinct and extraordinary? Well if you want your gift to be unique, original and e...

01st May 2009

The Song of the Overself

The Song of the Overself Who am I ? This is the question mankind has been asking from times immemmorial. Am I the body-mind-intellect complex ? Have I any reality beyond the senses five ? Is there a God ? Is there a God outside ? Or is He inside ...

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